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Employers Liability Insurance

What does employers liability insurance cover?

If your business has employees, you require Employers Liability Insurance to cover your business in the event of a claim for compensation if one or more of your employees were to be injured or become ill whilst at work.

An example of a situation when you would need to claim on your Employers Liability Insurance would be if an employee is injured while working on machinery without the proper safety precautions being in place.

Employer’s Liability Insurance also covers your business against claims for employee illnesses that have been contracted as a result of working for you, even if they manifest after the person has left your employment. For this reason, you must keep on file all documentation related to your Employers Liability Insurance even if it has expired.

An example of a claim

A self-employed contractor was working exclusively for the insured business. While at work he jammed his hand in between a lintel and a metal bar, causing serious laceration.

What did the insurer cover

The insurer paid out damages to the contractor under the Employers Liability Insurance over at a cost of £49,990

What level of employers liability cover do you need

Employer’s Liability claims can be very expensive and as such the standard level of cover of business insurance policies is £10 million. CHAS Insurance can arrange much higher levels of cover depending on your business size.

Details to look out for

If you do not take out Employers Liability when you employ staff, you could be fined £2,500 for each day you are without adequate cover.

Be careful to put down the correct number of clerical and manual staff if you employ both types of employees.

Immediate members of your family who work for you do not count as employees for Employers Liability Insurance; however, casual workers, part-time workers and temporary staff do count.

What type of cover do I need?

It's always best if we can advise you in this regard by us asking a few simple questions we can ascertain which type of policy will be best suited to your business. Our extensive experience in this marketplace means that we can advise you which type of policy is suitable for your particular industry, we can go through the process with you and ensure that you can have a policy that is best suited to your business.

Why CHAS Insurance?

CHAS Insurance scour the insurance market to indentify specialist schemes that offer the right cover to our customers. We can offer you employers liability insurance suited to your business type at a price what will often surprise you.

With access to both the Composite Insurance Market and Lloyds of London, CHAS Insurance work hard to find our customers the right employers liability insurance at the right price. With flexible employers liability cover for every business sector, CHAS Insurance can help provide you with comprehensive, cost effective employers liability insurance, whatever your trade or industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked repeated questions about our insurance products and the requirements that different business have. If you have a question about what we offer then the answer may be here. If you need more specific advice then please get in touch.

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